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Residual Forecasting

We help you make money

The primary goal of Russell Equipment is to help you achieve increased returns on your leased equipment portfolios. We provide accurate, honest and helpful recommendations in regard to residual guidance, mid-term valuations and end-of-lease returns.

35-plus years of market insight

No one sees shifts in marketplace trends faster than Russell Equipment.

Russell Equipment has more than 35 years of market insight in residual forecasting. We've received forklifts from nearly every major company in the United States. We use that knowledge to your advantage on the front-end and on the return of equipment.

A 170,000 forklift database

Our market assessments are the most accurate in the used forklift industry.

Utilizing our extensive database of 170,000 units, we determine current market value on a global basis. Our database allows us to pinpoint histories of specific companies' patterns of use and abuse, extensions and return conditions. We also track companies' plant locations, as well as their patterns of use and return.

The most accurate forecasts in the industry

As lease-extension specialists, Russell Equipment is happy to provide residual recommendations, return conditions and offer advice.

If you would like a Russell Equipment representative to provide you with a front-end, mid-term or end-of-lease advantage, please call (330) 405-8300 or contact us online.

Buy, Sell & Lease Used Forklifts and Construction Equipment

Do you need to buy, sell or lease used forklifts, used lift trucks or light construction equipment? Russell Equipment supplies used forklifts to customers worldwide. Our reputation is built on more than 35 years of service to our customers, integrity, reliability and knowledgeable product guidance.

When you choose to buy or sell your used forklift through Russell, you receive the best service, quality and product guidance in the used forklift industry. Russell Equipment proudly serves dealers, suppliers and end users with used forklifts.

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