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Used Forklifts and General Equipment Information

For more than 35 years, Russell Equipment has provided quality used forklifts and used construction equipment at wholesale prices. We carry all makes and models of used forklifts and light construction equipment.

Three-Wheel or Four-Wheel? Reach Truck or Order-Picker?

We understand that choosing equipment for a specialized application can be difficult, especially if you're not familiar with the basic types of forklifts and light construction equipment. That's why we've provided this introduction to the most common types of forklifts and light construction equipment.

If you still can't decide which type of equipment fits your needs, feel free to call us at (330) 405-8300 or contact us online.

Three-Wheel Forklifts
  • Use for unloading trucks and moving pallets and other loads
  • Mainly indoor, warehouse or other smooth surface use where maneuverability and space requirements make four-wheel trucks inefficient
  • Powered by electric
  • Cushion tires
  • Good for narrow aisle use
  • Capacities range from 3,000 lbs - 5,000 lbs
Four-Wheel Forklifts
  • Use for unloading trucks and moving pallets and other loads
  • Electric, propane, diesel or gasoline engines
  • Cushion or pneumatic tires
  • Electric units fitted with cushion tires are mainly indoor trucks and run on smooth surfaces. Electric units do not release emissions and work well where ventilation is poor
  • Internal combustion forklifts (propane, gasoline, and diesel) will generate more power than electric trucks and move faster over long distances. If equipped with pneumatic tires, internal combustion units will have greater ground clearance and can travel on a variety of surfaces.
  • Capacities range from 3,000lbs - 100,000lbs
Reach Trucks/Narrow-Aisle Trucks
  • Use to rack pallets on smooth surfaces
  • Single-reach trucks can extend the distance of one pallet
  • Double-reach trucks can extend the distance of two pallets
  • Outriggers on the front of the forklift support the weight of the load
  • Can reach heights in excess of 33 feet
  • Capacities range from 2,500lbs - 5,500lbs
Order-Pickers/Stock-Pickers/Man-up Units
  • Use for rider to stand on an elevating platform along with forks so rider may rise to select load
  • Used in very narrow aisles
  • Capacities are typically 3,500lbs
Turret Trucks
  • Masts of units rotate 90 degrees, use to pick load from either side without turning the base of the forklift
  • Use in very narrow aisles and employ a rotating mast
  • Capacities range from 3,000lbs - 8,000lbs
  • Use as an economical solution for transporting loads short distance Walk-behind or ride-on
  • Fork length is usually 48'' but some are double-long for loading two pallets
  • Forks, or tines, rise slightly off the ground
  • Wheels are solid
  • Walk-behind units may be equipped with a mast, and sometimes a reach and are used to raise loads onto racking
  • Capacities range from 3,000lbs to 8,000lb
Stand-Up Counter Balance
  • Use for quick loading and unloading of trucks, in conditions where rider frequently needs to mount and dismount
  • Primarily used indoors and on smooth surfaces
  • Powered by electric
  • Good for both standard and narrow aisle use
  • Capacities range from 3,000lbs - 5,500lbs
Sweepers & Scrubbers
  • Use to sweep or scrub surfaces - some models do both
  • Units are walk-behind or ride-on
  • Powered by propane, gasoline, diesel or electric batteries
  • Some models used either indoors or outdoors
Aerial/Scissor Lifts
  • Use for maintenance work -can be small, one man scissor units or larger bucket control units with hydraulic folding support arm
  • Powered by electric or propane
Personnel Carts
  • Use for quick movement of personnel around a campus, warehouse or farm
  • Small one-man units with three wheels or large four-man trucks with beds on back used for hauling loads
  • Powered by electric, diesel, gasoline and sometimes propane
  • Pneumatic or cushion tires available
Tow Tractors/Tuggers
  • Use to pull loads on wheel-buggies around a warehouse
  • Powered by electric, gas, propane or diesel
  • Capacities are measured in 'draw bar pull,' - how much weight needs to be pulled
Side Loaders
  • Use for narrow-aisle work where space between racks is limited
  • Typically powered by electric
  • Load or unload from one side only

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